Friday, July 3, 2009

Shopping and Spiders

Janice and Kyleigh met us for breakfast this morning and I gave Kyleigh the rally monkey and Janice the tickets for tomorrow night's game. Then we went shopping.

First we went to Needlepoints Ltd so I could get another packet of the tiny buttons used on Boo Club and then to Walmart where I picked up a couple of Sharps Containers and Kyleigh got a new top with watermelons on it. Janice also bought her a red tank top and a mesh teether -- she has four teeth coming in!

Our next stop was JoAnn's so I could replenish some of the floss that I needed to finish Boo Club. (I'm doing it in DMC instead of the overdyeds called for.) JoAnn's didn't have one of the ones I needed so we also went to Michaels where I also picked up some Winnie the Pooh bookmarks.

Last night I finished Spiders. I'm now 1/4 of the way done with this banner.

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