Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Sleepover

Kyleigh spent last night with us, her first time away from her parents overnight. We were supposed to go to the Angels game, but Bob wasn't feeling well, so we stayed home instead. We ate dinner and she took a bath in the sink (and loved it!) and then we played with the big piggy bank, read stories, watched the game on TV and pretended to talk on the phone.

Kyleigh loves the telephone. She'll grab one off it's charger, push a couple of buttons, put it up to her ear and carry on a long conversation (with pauses for responses from the other party) and then give me the phone to put it back on the charger.

She also communicates really well, although she still doesn't "speak" English. She does a lot of pointing, gesturing, etc. She's also started to call me "mam" as opposed to "mom" which is what she calls Janice most of the time. She does have a few words -- hot, hi, eyes, etc. and meows perfectly when shown a picture of a cat. She also can follow simple instructions.

I did have trouble putting her to bed. She'd finally get settled in and the phone would ring so she'd climb out and we'd have to start over. I finally pretended to go to bed, too and that did the trick.

This morning we went to breakfast and then to pick up an item I'd ordered at my LNS and then to Target to look for a toy broom. We also stopped at a couple of garage sales and David bought Kyleigh a Fisher Price snail that sings the ABC song for a quarter. I turned it on and Kyleigh played the song over and over and over and over and sang right along with it.

Janice picked us up about noon to go to a birthday party for the son of one of the men she works with. We had a great lunch, but didn't stay very long because Kyleigh wasn't being very cooperative. The final straw was when she discovered the stairs and insisted on climbing them over and over and over and over until she wore Janice out.

On the way home we stopped at Babies R Us to return some furniture straps and crib rail protectors that she didn't need and then took the store credit to Toys R Us where we bought that toy broom I'd been looking for. The reason for the broom is that Kyleigh keeps stealing Janice's full size broom and it's just a little big for her.
The brooms were in the same aisle as this feather boa and while Kyleigh loved the feathers and also likes to put things around her neck, she really wasn't too crazy about the feathers being around her neck.

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