Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July - Busy Day

This morning we watched the prolog (stage 1) of the Tour de France and I stitched and finished Eek!. I accidentally started it one square lower than it should have been, but by the time I discovered it, I was too far along to want to rip it out. I almost made the K one row taller to compensate, but decided to leave it alone.
About five minutes after I finished Eek!, we took off to Chad's grandparents to celebrate the 4th of July and some birthdays.
Kyleigh is excited because she has a strawberry in her hand. The dog is Amber's hearing ear dog.
Now she's excited because Nonni is tossing the ball so the dog can chase it and it bounced near her.
Yelling at and chasing the dog was hot work, so it was necessary to cool off. She has a mesh teether filled with ice chips that she's rubbing on her leg. (She's sitting on Nonni's lap.)

And, here are the birthday threesome. Angela and her dad were both born on the 4th of July and her mom was born on the 5th.
After cake (or pie) and ice cream, David and I brought Kyleigh home with us while Chad and Janice went to the Angels game. David dropped Kyleigh and me off at the house and then he went, too.

Kyleigh had a fun evening rearranging furniture, discovering that the planter outside is the right height to sit on and play in the dirt, eating dinner, taking a bath in the sink, bringing grandma all the phones in the house and climbing on everything. Oh yeah, we also played with some toys and tried to sleep through all the fireworks (illegal in our city) going off in the streets outside.

Once I'd finished cleaning up after Kyleigh the hurricane, I finished another ornament and watched the Angels game myself. Since she was having such a tough time staying asleep, I held her for awhile (the best part of the evening!)

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