Monday, September 1, 2008

I found it!

I've been looking for Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue, but it wasn't available at my usual haunts so I posted a question on one of my lists and got a great response. One person told me where they'd just purchased one and another later found another and "hid" it for me. Since I didn't have anything planned for today, other than laundry, grocery shopping and paying bills, I decided to go take a look. Also, since the store that had it wasn't that close, I stopped at three other places on the way. One of them was Michaels where I picked up some DMC I needed. Well, it took a couple of hours, but I'm now the proud owner of this magazine.

There are a couple of ornaments I'd like to stitch, specifically the Britty Kitty and the Sweetheart Tree pumpkin. I did get the laundry and grocery shopping done, but stitched instead of paying bills. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

My current project is the Endangered Youngun's Utah Prairie Dogs for CSFC. It's over 1/2 done now and hopefully will be finished by the weekend. This is my favorite kind of stitching--small areas of each color so you don't get bored, but large enough that you're not changing color every few stitches.

My daughter also called and said she found a Halloween costume (Tinkerbell) for Kyleigh and wanted to make sure I hadn't purchased one yet since I'd promised to buy one for her. We'll probably check it out this weekend to make sure it isn't too scratchy to hold her in it.

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