Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Tooth

When David picked me up this afternoon, we decided to take Janice and Kyleigh out to dinner, but we couldn't reach Janice on her cell phone so we headed toward her place, stopping a couple of times to see if she'd pass us. She did finally catch up with us and told us her phone was on the bed. She went to get Kyleigh and we met her a "new to us" Mexican restaurant. The food was very good and the staff were very friendly.

Kyleigh can now sit in a high chair although she uses a fabric cover that helps keep her in place. She does like to lean toward the side and tries to get her leg out of the hole and she also tried to eat the table. She was very active, smiling and talking, so you wouldn't guess that her tooth was breaking through the gum. But, I felt her gum and there was a sharp little point just a sitting there. She's been drooling like crazy and chewing on everything in sight so we kind of expected a tooth to appear, but we also expected her to get fussy!

I did some more ruminating about my neighborhood and I think now that I'll have some kind of a pond in the center with houses, stores, trees, etc. scattered around it, no longer in a block format. I did get a chance to stitch on my second prairie dog so I should have a happy dance tomorrow.

Since I haven't posted pictures for awhile, here's a couple more from the Angels game the other night. This one's my favorite:

She likes watching the game, but I'm not sure what she's reacting to.

All tired out!