Saturday, August 30, 2008

Street Fair and Stash Enhancement

This morning we drove to Fullerton to pick up a purchase David made on Craig's List and on the way back we stopped at a garage sale. I bought Kyleigh her second toy to keep at grandma's house--a Fisher Price piano that plays music when you press one of the four keys. Her first toy is My First Doll from Child Time (Carter's).

After that, we met Chad, Janice, Kyleigh and their friends from Fresno at the Orange International Street Fair. I should have taken my camera, but I didn't even think about it. We ate Gyros, Bratwurst, Teriaki Beef Strips and miniature donuts--the donuts were so good we had to buy a second dozen. We also checked out a baby boutique that printed various sayings on different colored onsies. My favorite was "I make chunky thighs look cute". They also had a mister tunnel to help you cool off. Kyleigh tried to catch the mist on her tongue as we walked through.

In the afternoon, I went to the library since I'd finished all of my books and then drove down to Needlepoints Ltd to look for the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. The place looked deserted and I misread the sign on the door so I thought they were closed and went back to the car. Fortunately the owner caught me before I went to far.

She didn't have the Halloween issue, but I purchased the first four Christmas Double Flips from Lizzie Kate (Holly/Stocking, Cookies/Santa, Tree/Candy and Faith/Cheer) and some 28 count bone jobelan to stitch them on. I also got Calico Crossroads Mini Kats Flyin' High (June) and Chillin' Out (August), Mill Hill's Quilted Cats Sapphire and Precious Moments "For Little Boys and Girls". As if I needed more to keep me busy!

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