Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Janice!

Today was my daughter's 27th birthday. Because it's the day before a three day weekend, we both got off early. I did some shopping and she cleaned house in preparation for a busy weekend

Tonight, we went to the Angels game. I gave Janice her birthday presents--a Target gift card, a game for her Nintendo DS and the cross stitched card--and bought her dinner. Bob brought his camera and took a bunch of pictures of Kyleigh since we'd both been complaining that we didn't have any recent ones.
She's not really eating mommy's chips, just her fingers.

Daddy taught Kyleigh to stick out her tongue which she does a lot.

All ready for bed, she's looking at mom while her proud grandma holds her.

She was on her best behavior tonight, maybe because it was mommy's birthday? She took a short nap, but stayed for the entire game and really seemed to enjoy the fireworks.

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