Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Fun Day

We're members of the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California and yesterday Janice saw a Facebook posting about today being a Family Fun Day where kids could visit the various buildings and learn about what goes on in them. When we arrived, Kyleigh received a card and got a stamp at each building/venue she visited. When she was done, she visited the prize table and received a pencil and a free admission to a future show. They also had a raffle which we didn't participate in, but one of the prizes was a telescope that Kyleigh really wanted. Fortunately, Janice remembered that Kyleigh was given a telescope by a neighbor so they were going to go home and test it out, once it got dark of course.

We visited the farmhouse where we saw an old fashioned kitchen and parlor and learned about what various appliances were like back then. (Unfortunately, I don't remember the time period.)

We then visited the Schoolhouse of Times Past where we learned about one room schoolhouses and the discipline and methods of learning, etc. a long time ago. Kyleigh wrote "I like" and is drawing a picture of herself shooting a bow and arrow on a slate with white chalk.

We then visited the blacksmith shop where we were able to watch several blacksmiths at work.

We also took a train ride and ride in a hay wagon (without the hay) pulled by a John Deere tractor and did a scavenger hunt at the Model Railroad Building. The scavenger hunt involved finding various items such as a campground, a scarecrow, an alien, etc. somewhere in the layouts which were all N-gauge and Kyleigh got a pin that said I trains.

Our final stop was the Weavers' Building where Kyleigh got a Kumihimo project. She's done these before, but needed a little reminding. This is a heptagon (I think) with seven threads and eight holes and you move the third thread on the right of the empty hole to the empty hole. I showed Kyleigh a trick where she could tell which thread to move by it's position rather than by counting.

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