Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some pictures and the loss of a friend

Janice sent me some pictures this evening:

Kyleigh received a princess dress up box from Santa so this is what she wore to take out the trash on Sunday. 
Kyleigh has also discovered how to get in the freezer to get her own popsicles.  She can even get out the stool and open it up herself.  Note the child lock on the refrigerator--it doesn't do any good either.

This picture was taken at Downtown Disney the day after Christmas.  Kyleigh received an unstuffed Build-A-Bear for Christmas, so we took it to get it stuffed and buy an outfit.

We also lost a friend today.  My daughter's ex-husband's grandmother died this morning of natural causes.  She's been sick for a while so it wasn't unexpected, but it's still hard on the family.  When my daughter was married and before they moved from California to Indiana, we spent all of our holidays at her home and she was more of a grandmother to Janice than her "real" grandparents since she rarely saw them.  We were privileged to spend Thanksgiving 2010 at their home in Indiana on the way home from my father's funeral.  My prayers go out to her husband, daughters and grandchildren.

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