Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We hadn't planned on doing anything for New Year's Eve, but Janice heard about a family friendly event at the Great Park in Irvine (a former Marine Corps Air Station).  They were going to raise and drop a hot air balloon at 9:00 p.m. and there were activities, music and food so the four of us decided to check it out. 

It was extremely crowded and there were lines for all the activities and food, but we did manage to eat dinner, look at the old cars and planes, call David's dad to wish him a happy birthday, send cards to those in the military and police force and find a good place to sit and view the balloon while watching the bands play on stage.  Kyleigh also made a new friend who shared his light up ball, party hats and glow necklaces.

Unfortunately, it got very cold and foggy and the balloon started to disappear so we left about 8:00 in search of hot chocolate.  We ended up at a McDonalds on the way home (love Janice's iPhone 4S).  I didn't realize that McDonalds made such good hot chocolate!

Today will be church and stitching and hopefully catching up on some DVR'd shows on the Food Network and maybe some laundry.

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