Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taste Test and a Bike Ride

The university where I work has a Food Science program that is taste testing peaches and blueberries this summer using faculty, staff and students. Since today's location was the building next door, a coworker and I walked over to find out what it was all about.

We tasted four different peaches (with bites of cracker in between to clear the palate) and filled out survey forms for each rating appearance, taste, texture and juiciness.

Janice has been teaching Kyleigh her full name so when someone asks her name, she responds with Kyleigh Mansfield instead of just Kyleigh. Tonight, Janice asked Kyleigh "What's my name?" and Kyleigh responded with "Mama Mansfield". Too cute!

After dinner they decided to go for a bike ride and this photo just happened to pop up on my phone.

She received the bike and helmut for her second birthday, but she's still growing into the pedals. According to Janice, she can now keep her feet on the pedals if you push or pull her, but she has trouble operating them herself. She also loves trying to ride my stationary bike, but it's way to big for her.

Several of the ladies in the yahoo group, Fellowship Crossings are stitching the HAED design, Faery Tales. The chart for this is 40 pages, but since I love the design, I decided to join in. I'm stitching it on 18-count white Aida with one strand of floss. Here's my first progress pic. There's not much to see yet and I still need to do catch up with the other ladies, but I'm really enjoying it for now. (I'm sorry it's so blurry.)

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