Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Cracked the Code and a new Preschool

I'm stitching the Dimensions kit, A Year of Events and the floss numbers don't correspond to DMC or Anchor. Or do they? A random sampling is 6096, 6955, 12290, 13046, 18511 and so forth. As I was stitching, I noticed that if you lopped off the first couple of digits you were left with an Anchor number that actually corresponded with the right color--18403 = 403 = black; 11001 = 001 = white.

On Saturday, I ran out of 6955 which doesn't correspond to any Anchor color, but does correspond to DMC 955 which I was able to pull out of my stash. Last night, I discovered that they had shorted me 18511. This one almost had me stumped since it's not an Anchor of DMC equivalent. So, I found an online conversion for JP Coates to DMC and yep, 8511 = DMC 168 = a light gray that worked perfectly.

Kyleigh's preschool is closing on September 30th and she'll start at the preschool attached to our church on Monday, August 30th. However, beginning today she's attending a "new to her" preschool. It's the same staff and kids, but in a new temporary location.

Janice called this evening to tell us that Kyleigh had figured out how to unlock the deadbolt on the front door. Fortunately, she has a child lock doorknob protector so she can't get out of the house. But tonight she had her backpack on, her lunchbox in her hand, unlocked the door and told mommy she was going to preschool--guess she enjoyed it today!

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

They actually use a code. If you contact them they will send you a sheet showing what corresponds to their code. jack had to do that once.