Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Injury Report

I had two appointments today. The first was with my primary care physician and was just a followup after the surgery. It went very quickly since everything is going well, but I do need to get some blood tests done in the next week or two.

The second appointment was for my first out patient physical therapy visit. I have the same physical therapist that I had last time. She was pleased with my progress today. My extension is at -5 (should be 0, but was -15 on Friday) and the bending was 100 (was 80 on Friday), both after she stretched me. I did ride the bike as a warm up, but I can't do the full cycle of the pedals this time. My next appointment is on Friday and I'll be going twice a week for the next few weeks. I also got the okay to start taking short walks (five to ten minutes) around the neighborhood using the walker and to switch to the cane when walking around the house.

The injury report mentioned in the title was attached to her signout page when Janice picked up Kyleigh this afternoon. Kyleigh has been running back and forth in front of the swings the past couple of days and was ignoring the teachers when they told her not to, so naturally, she was hit by a swing today and now has a scrape on her face, a red, puffy cheek and she bit her tongue. (How's that for a run-on sentence!) The good news is that it happened just before lunch and she's stayed away from the area around the swings ever since, so it looks like she learned her lesson.

The only stitching I did today was to take out most of the backstitching I did last night on Tatty Teddy. The backstitching is the kind that doesn't begin/end at a corner of a stitch but may be only 1/2 stitch long. I decided that I didn't like the effect, so I'll modify it to use mostly full length stitches.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Owie! Those swings can and do bite! Glad you are doing well.