Monday, April 5, 2010

A Couple of Firsts

Today was Kyleigh's first day of preschool and here she is all ready to go!

While Janice signed her in, she took off to explore which made it very easy for Janice to leave her. We called to check on her once and they said she was doing fine, but they'd had to close all the doors to the classroom she's in, because she kept wandering into the other classrooms (we'd expected this). She was outside on the playground when Janice picked her up and didn't want to leave. When asked if she'd had fun, she said "Yeeaahh!"

Tonight was also the first Angels game of the season and Janice, Kyleigh, Chad, Bob and a friend of Chad's went. This is the first home opener that I've missed in several years, but I did watch it on TV and it was a really good game.

Because she's now two, Kyleigh gets her own seat this year. Janice said that everyone thought she was really cute and were amazed at how much she's grown and changed over the winter. The outfit was a birthday present from some friends. She and Janice left early because Janice wasn't feeling very well. On the way home, Kyleigh told Janice that it was nigh nigh time and said "I tired". Of course she was; she'd had a very busy day!

On the stitching front, I kitted up three projects that I hoped to finish this week: another bookmark, a free cover kit of Tatty Teddy and a charity square (Happy Hairstyles #24). I started the bookmark (twice) and didn't like the color I chose either time and also it didn't seem to flow for me, so I trashed what I'd done (twice) and started the Tatty Teddy instead.

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