Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too Much Help

Kyleigh again arrived bright and early in her nightgown, but today was a different kind of day.  It started with grandpa having to move the car on the lawn just in time for the street sweeper to go by.  While it was there, he decided to wash it since it was very muddy from our trip north last week.

Kyleigh was grandpa's willing helper, but she managed to get wet when they were rinsing the car so we took a bike ride around the block hoping she'd dry off. (She rode, I walked)  The shirt dried, the jeans didn't.  Grandpa went to move the car back to the street since the sprinklers were ready to come on and Kyleigh ran out to watch him and came back even wetter, so I let her go out and play in them before I changed her. 

If you haven't guessed already, it was about 78 degrees out today--not exactly normal weather for the end of December.

After lunch we decided to deliver Christmas presents to the friend that provides our seats at the Angels' games, but first I had to wrap them.  This time the help was provided by our two cats, Pumpkin and Soxie.

They totally ripped the paper on this side of the box, but with some creative compensation, I got it done and we got the presents delivered safely.

Once we got back, grandpa decided to do some cleanup in the backyard.  He mowed the largest section of lawn and then he weeded the border between the patio and the grass.  We used to plant impatiens there, but haven't for several years.  Again, he had a willing helper.

Janice calls Kyleigh "a tomboy in princess clothing".  She always wants to wear a dress, but she's not afraid to get dirty.  Janice was a tomboy too, but never wanted to wear a dress.

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Linda Klinedinst said...


I just love all of your photos...your granddaughter is so cute and so adorable and she looks like she is a great little helper too....

I just love your two kitty kats...they are so adorable around the Christmas Wrapper paper...this is way too cute... and too adorable...

Your WIP's for this new year are beautiful...I wish you good luck in getting them all done....

Happy Stitching