Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Kyleigh Day

Janice had to go back to work today so Kyleigh had a sleepover last night and spent the day with us.  We were really lucky that she slept until 7:45 this morning.  We had a real lazy morning and it took us til almost 10:30 to get showers and breakfast.  I received a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas so David made us waffles and scrambled eggs with ham for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning putting boxes in bags, playing Doodle Bear on the Fisher Price website, watching Strawberry Shortcake and generally annoying the cats. We did manage a two hour nap and then had a late lunch (peanut butter and jelly with cheese sandwich, of course).

David went to mail packages (Q4OC, Binky SD, a welcome baby present for my nephew's new daughter and the return of an eBay purchase) and birthday card and floss to Australia.  And Kyleigh and I walked to the store to get milk, bread, raspberries, broccoli, hamburger, cat food and Tinkerbell gummies for her mommy.   On the way home, she decided she needed her picture taken.

This is our next door neighbors front yard and Kyleigh has been fascinated by these statues.  I took the first picture and she came and looked at the camera (on my phone) and decided I needed to take the second one.  BTW, that's my Mickey she's holding.

She went home with mommy after dinner, but she'll be back about 7:00 tomorrow morning.  Now I'm off to stitch.  I'm working on a Precious Moments design for Q4OC.

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