Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Club and an Easter Dress

Kyleigh spent Friday night with us so we started the morning by meeting Janice for breakfast. Then we ran errands: Party City, WalMart, Penneys and Toys R Us. We went to Toys R Us so that Kyleigh could get her birthday crown and Geoffrey balloon. They also announced her birthday over the loudspeaker so that everybody that wanted to could wish her happy birthday. She had several people come up to her and very shyly said thank you to each one. One of her favorite parts of going to Toys R Us or Babies R Us is to ride the vehicles at the front of the store, but she's only allowed to if she behaves while we're in the store. She did this time so she got her ride. That's a sticker on her arm (another thing she's "into"). Easter dresses were on sale at Penneys and Janice and I had picked out a few last week, but decided to let Kyleigh choose. This Penneys had a dressing room in the children's department so after she'd chosen three dresses, we let her try them on. Below is the dress she chose. I took the picture off Penneys website, but the background of the dress is white white.

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