Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Stitching Update

I didn't do too bad. I stitched every day but one and completed all the required stitching. It was the fun stuff that didn't get done. I just didn't realize that it would take almost two weeks to stitch the teacup.

For Q4OC
Alphabet Kitties - Letter V - Completed 1/7

For Binky, South Dakota
Spring Chicks - Chick 7 - Completed 1/8
January Teacup - Completed 1/19
Teddy Bear Alphabet - Letter A - Completed 1/21
Teddy Bear Alphabet - Letter U - Completed 1/22

UFO Finish
I (heart) Cats - started 1/30

Start and Finish
Christmas Smiley Ornament - completed 1/24
6 Geese-a-laying - completed 1/30

Cat Rules for People - not started

I'll continue stitching on I (heart) Cats for the next week or so and Cat Rules for People will be added to my February planned stitching.

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