Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Stitching Plans

For February, I'm planning to stitch the following:

I (heart) Cats

Binky, South Dakota
Feathered Friends - Owl
Penguin Alphabet - Letter T
Newborn Cuties - Clown
Newborn Cuties - Rocking Horse
Newborn Cuties - Duckie

Kylee B - Butterfly

Cars - Doc Hudson

Christmas Ornament
Festive Fairy

Oak Haven SAL

These are my plans, but as always they're not set in stone. The items for Binky SD and the Christmas ornament are very small and should only take 1-2 days each. I think I can finish all of these, but I doubt I'll have time to start a new ongoing project although I have several I'd love to start.

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