Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eeyore is finished

Janice and Kyleigh met David and I for breakfast and then I went with them to swimming lessons. Kyleigh has stopped fussing and is doing a much better job of swimming and floating on her back.

Since it's Chad's weekend, he and his mom picked Kyleigh up at the pool after the lesson and Janice went to get a massage. I came home and ordered HAED's Faery Tales and then went to my LNS to get some material. I decided to go with 18-count aida since they don't carry 20-count anything.

Then I met Janice at Barnes and Noble and we went to Carters and Toys R Us to get a birthday gift for her nephew and to Jo Ann's where she got a simple cross stitch wedding sampler for some friends and I bought some material for pajamas for Kyleigh and some patterns. I also bought a Dreams Collection kit called Snow White Discovers the Cottage. It combines two of my favorite things - Disney and Thomas Kinkade designs. I plan to start it after I finish the kitten card I'm currently stitching. We fit lunch in also. We went to a new to us Chinese restaurant called Chin Chin Cafe.

Once I got home (around 4:30) I took out Eeyore and managed to finish him up tonight. He is the free kit from the World of Cross Stitching #165. He came with a mount, but Kyleigh decided it needed some loving and bent it out of shape so I'm sending it to WOCS to be made into a card. The background fabric is actually white, but the other colors are pretty true.

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Catherine Cross said...

Hello. He looks lovely. Any chance you still have the chart for this? I was given the kit by a friend, but not the magazine.