Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kyleigh and her Cousin

 Kyleigh spends every other weekend with her father and Nonnie (her other grandmother).  Her great grandfather is here for the summer and her aunt Wendy and cousins are here from Oregon for a couple of weeks.

When I checked Janice's facebook page this morning, I found these pictures taken by Kyleigh's other aunt, Amber.  They were taken at a local pizza restaurant and it looks like the kids are keeping themselves entertained with a couple of tablets.  Kyleigh's cousin is named Teddy and just turned four years old last week.

Kyleigh will be spending the night at our house tonight and David will kidsit tomorrow.  I know they're planning on going out to breakfast after they take me to work and also recycling bottles, but I don't know what else. 

Kyleigh's father will be picking her up in the afternoon and she'll be spending the week at Disneyland with the rest of his family.

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