Friday, August 20, 2010

My Friday

Janice sent me this picture this morning (taken with her cell phone) of Kyleigh when she went to get her up this morning. Kyleigh is sitting inside her pillowcase because she was "cold".

Fellowship Crossings, a Yahoo group I belong to had a Summer Outings exchange to celebrate summer moving into autumn. Even though the exchange didn't need to be mailed until the end of the month, there was a suspicious looking package in the mail this afternoon. My partner was Terry and this is what she sent: a tiny, beautifully made biscornu, some Glitter Autumn Leaves and Nature's Thumbprint buttons, some tiny note cards with fall leaves printed on them, the kit Autumn Leaves from San-Man Originals and Lizzie Kate's Acorn Scissor Case.

I'm a very happy camper today.

In other news:

We lost power for about 1/2 hour around midnight last night. It was so quiet it woke me up. I hate it when we lose power in the middle of the night since I wake to a blinking clock and have no idea what time it is. I never sleep well after that because I'm afraid I'll oversleep.

I finished the preliminary steps on a big project at work: balancing the balance forward entries for our general ledger. It took me almost a week, but now it's on the Controller's desk to determine if everything is posted to the right place.

I received a call from my cardiologist's office regarding the blood/urine tests I took yesterday. My magnesium is still a little low so he wants me to double the dosage of the supplement and his office will let me know when they want me to retake the test. I checked the results online this morning so I expected the call. I also expected a call from my primary care physician regarding the diabetes panel since my Hba1c was kind of high. They did call, but they called the house and I didn't get home in time to return the call.

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Barb said...

Cute picture of your grand daughter. Nice exchange gifts too. I just found your blog today and will be back.