Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyleigh got "carded"

We went to the Angels/Dodgers game this evening, we being Bob, Janice, myself, Kyleigh and her favorite "uncle" (Uncle Dub). Kyleigh walked through the turnstile (actually under the turnstyle) in front of her mom and the ticket taker asked Janice for her ticket. Janice said she didn't have one because she was too young and the lady wanted to know how old she was. When Janice said Kyleigh was almost fifteen months old, the lady told her to make sure she bought her a ticket once she turned two, which won't happen til next season.

Kyleigh also rode the escalator up to the stands all by herself (well, she does hold someone's hand) and pretty much can get on/off with a minimum of help.

Bob almost got Kyleigh in trouble during the game, because she was playing with my ticket and when I saw her put it in her mouth. I started to scold her, but just in time noticed that Bob had his ticket in his mouth and she was just imitating him. They played "take the ticket out, put the ticket in, etc" for quite a long time.

I took this afternoon off to take care of some personal stuff. One of the things I had wanted to do was get the fabric for Boo Club (Lizzie Kate's 2009 Halloween Double Flips). So it was off to Needlepoints Ltd to choose some fabric. I didn't like the fabric on the model since it seemed too dark to me and was 32 count linen. I ended up with 28-count natural light jobelan.

Of course, I couldn't just buy fabric so I also bought two Mill Hill bead kits -- Popcorn and Hot Stuff and since they were having a Lizzie Kate Trunk Show, I ended up with set of Double Flips - Living with Charm and ABC Lessons and the called for floss. I think I already have the fabric for these.

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